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¡¡ Prestolite Electric (Beijing) Limited ¡°PEBL¡± was established in March, 2001. The controlling interest is owned by Prestolite Electric Incorporated, USA.¡¡ PEBL is now the largest and the most modern manufacturer of heavy-duty rotating electric systems with customers including almost every manufacturer of small to large displacement diesel engines, mid-size to large-size buses, light-duty to heave-duty trucks, mid-grade to high-grade off-road equipments along with marine engines and gen-sets. The domestic market share in air-conditioned buses of over 6 meters long is over 85% while the unit sales volume have been the highest in the world for many years.¡¡ Its¡¯ alternators for medium-duty to heave-duty trucks have over 1/3 Chinese OEM market share.

¡¡ PEBL has an annual production capacity of one million Alternators and five hundred thousand starter motors. PEBL¡¯s gross sales in 2009 were over RMB740 million with about 10% of that from export sales. The company¡¯s products are being exported to over 80 countries and regions worldwide. In addition to more than 160 dealers\service-stations in China, PEBL is now expanding its sales\service network worldwide.

¡¡ PEBL continues to live the motto of ¡°Let¡¯s spoil our customers¡± and marches to the vision of ¡°World Class Products and Services¡±.

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